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Phone2Vote.Com (Phone2Vote) is a platform for groups of citizens to discuss topics, conduct polls, send petitions and voice messages through dedicated phone lines directly to politicians to solve problems. The platform helps the citizens collaborate with politicians. The politicians can listen to the views of citizens and respond to them on an ongoing basis, and not just when the elections are round the corner or on big occasions.

Phone2Vote makes democracy more useful to people who have very limited resources. The working of the groups is democratic; equal rights to all, easy to form groups or drop off from one. It has a telephone system with a dedicated number for each politician so that citizens can leave voice messages and get return calls to discuss and solve their problems.

It must be noted that citizens who send internet or phone messages will be giving out their contact details which will be used by the politicians to respond to such citizens. However, this information will not be used by Phone2Vote for any commercial purpose, other than as stated in the user terms published on this website.

Phone2Vote is building the all US data of Politicians, as well as all Politicians who are aspiring to contest elections, serve peole. It is a large task and accuracy of data is difficult to achieve. We appeal to all to extend their cooperation by pointing out inaccuracies and mistakes, help by giving feedback to support@phone2vote.com with corrections and suggestions. Thank you.

Phone2Vote is taking democracy to every person who can make a phone call. This system is effective if politicians take up this service. The first step to do this well is to gather accurate data of all politicians and their constituencies. Phone2Vote enables you to become a Champion of Democracy by giving a simple tool to gather data and be a partner. The second step is for Politicians to sign up for Phone2Vote; as a Champion of Democracy you may try and persuade politicians to join.  Click here  and begin. Write to us at support@phone2vote.com. Thank you Champion!
How does this work? Are there any charges?

Phone2Vote integrates voice and text messages with a simple system to track citizen problems. Easy to use. Free to use for Citizens, modest charges for politicians, present and aspiring.

Leader may be elected as or aspiring to be:

    Senator or Congressman (Federal or State)
    Councilman, Mayor
    School District Representative or any other elected official

Leader gets close to people by a few simple actions:

    Choose a constituency, adopt Phone2Vote system and begin serving people
    Take a phone number, a web page (also integrate with an existing own web page)
    Popularizes the telephone number, web address and serves people

Citizen contacts a Leader by choice. Phone2Vote system used by Leader records your need and tracks the solution – individual or community issues:

    Call the Leader and leave a voice message - 213-403-0144
    Send a text message - 724-769-3077
    Visit their office

First steps to team work and solutions

Citizen puts in the very basic details with Zipcode and begins:

    Discover Leaders of the area
    Start sending messages to Leaders
    Form groups to discuss problems and send petitions to politicians

Politicians create an account and start receiving messages for free:

    They can respond to and serve people
    Upgrade to a telephone system, reach more people and receive voice messages
    Politician’s personal website can be integrated with Phone2Vote

    Politicians and Citizens can form groups and invite each other – Team Work begins!

Politician Service Options – all applicable taxes are added to the charges below

Basic Citizen Service:

    Yearly Fee – $0, no telephone number
    Receive text messages from citizens and respond with solutions
    Visible on Phone2Vote and has a web page

Gold Citizen Service – this account is transferable to successors:

    Yearly Fee – $350, includes a permanent telephone number if payments are made
    Receive text and voice messages from citizens and respond with solutions
    Visible on Phone2Vote, form groups and has a web page

Platinum Citizen Service – this account is transferable to successors:

    Yearly Fee – $450, includes a permanent telephone number if payments are made
    Receive text and voice messages from citizens and respond with solutions
    Visible on Phone2Vote, form groups, has a web page integrated with own website

How are the groups formed?

Phone2Vote groups are formed by a citizen on a topic in any area in an instant. Any citizen can start a group by simply giving a name to it that is close to the topic or some purpose that he or she decides. The groups may be formed to discuss issues that may be local, regional or national.

A group may send petitions to a politician who has already taken up the services of Phone2Vote. If such a politician has not taken Phone2Vote services then any of the group members individually or together may attempt to persuade the politician and be a Champion of Democracy.  Click here for details.

What is the purpose of the groups and how can they be useful to Citizens?

The purpose of these groups is to conduct short message discussions on topics of common interest and polls to gather the opinions of citizens on specific questions. The results are then forwarded to leaders like Senators, Congressmen, State Senators, State Assemblymen, Mayors, Council members, School District Representatives, or any political leader in these constituencies, with the profile of the group.

The profile would show that the group’s people are from the area that votes for or against them, so the leaders may take these results from the groups seriously and respond to them as well.

An important feature is any person, including those who contested and lost or others who want to get into politics now will be able to use the services on this platform and respond to citizens. This will bring in serious competition between all politicians to provide help to citizens.
What are the features of the groups?

The groups may be private or public, for a limited time or for an indefinite period. Anyone in the group can give an opinion, hiding their identity, or can drop off and start a new group.

Anyone can suggest a topic for discussion or conduct a poll. The results of Instant Polls or discussions are published for the members of the group and others based on options chosen.
Examples of Important Features

    Leaders Interact: Leaders can form groups and be Group Coordinators (GCs) for various issues; e.g. Car Factory Closure, Texas Medicare Group, Orange County Home Closures Group, LA Downtown Crime Reduction Group, Water Quality Group and so on.
    Instant Polls: Groups can have single word or letter (Y or N) answer based polls on questions. E.g. if there is a bill in the Assembly or Congress then a group can have polls on provisions of the bill and convey their views to the leaders of their constituency.
    Leader Star Rating: Citizens can give stars to the leaders who are in office, out of office or aspiring for office. Phone2Vote will publish the weighted average Star Rating of leaders.

Examples of Benefits to individuals

    Every citizen’s opinion is heard by the group, it is conveyed to leaders in the constituency who may respond; they can become GCs and be an opinion leader too
    They frequently interact with their leaders and communicate on important issues, can possibly solve individual problems, and rate the leaders on their performance
    Ordinary people will make leaders improve on their performance to the benefit of all; simply put, this is democracy for every individual, regardless of their status and beliefs

Examples of Benefits to Group Coordinators (GCs)

    By being GCs they are already leaders. They can lead the group’s opinion and interact with the leaders of the constituency on behalf of their group
    Phone2Vote may display the photos of GCs leading groups of a certain size
    The GCs may become politicians by starting multiple groups and growing them in size

Examples of Benefits to Leaders and how they can use the system

    The leaders will become aware of the opinions and aspirations of their voters on specific issues. They can align their thinking with that of the citizens
    Leaders can conduct polls through groups they formed and get accurate feedback
    The platform provides them an opportunity to get close to people right from their office
    The number is permanent and they can transfer all the benefits of the system to their chosen successor. If a political party pays for the system then all the rights belong to it
    The five steps for a politician to take Phone2Vote services:
        First step: The politician must to read the agreement available on the website of www.phone2vote.com or us.phone2vote.com  and if they agree proceed to the second step
        Second step: Pay Phone2Vote by way of a cheque $ 350, plus tax and mail it to: Phone2Vote LLC
            2677 Ellendale Place, Apt 108
            Los Angeles 90007
        The third step is to wait for a Phone2Vote email intimating their password and relevant details on how to log in to their web page and upload details about themselves
        The fourth step is to use the details in Phone2Vote email, record the greeting messages on their telephone number for citizens to identify their voice and leave a message
        Popularize their telephone number and the web page in the constituency; organize their office and assistants to reply to all the messages and serve the citizens

Examples of Benefits to society

    Enhances efficiency of democracy by its inexpensive and easy to use features
    Complex issues can be broken down into small portions; citizens can understand such small parts of topics easily and give their opinion
    People discuss and share their views with leaders; society becomes mature and cohesive. People collaborate with politicians instead of only criticizing them
    Leaders learn the views of their citizens on specific issues; this avoids mis-interpretation or ignorance on what the people want
    Accountability of the leaders is specific and measurable
    People talk without fear because they form the groups, no one is watching them, they have the option to hide self identity on messages they send
    Rating of politicians and its publication makes them responsive and align with the people
    Politicians themselves have a platform to create groups and collaborate with their voters
    These groups offer scope for new leaders to be groomed


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